About us

Future Internet Latinoamérica 
(hereafter “FI-LATAM”) is the initiative organized and established to coordinate and lead the different activities, opportunities and challenges that will require the development and implementation of the Future Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We coordinate and lead the different activities towards a harmonised approach to the Future Internet in Latin America. 

This Organisation is characterised for,

  • Being the latest generation and an unprecedented Organisation in Latin America to face the future of Internet in the region;

  • Having a permanent and global presence for its members by means of interactive tools;

  • Being a catalyst for the use and knowledge of "state of the art" technologies, services and applications;

  • Being an independent Organisation, industry oriented with regional coverage reaching Latin America and the Caribbean;

  • Being a multi-sector Organisation that impacts transversely all economy sectors of this region.

Our Goals

We have included among our objectives the call for countries and international intergovernmental organizations, regional bodies, institutions and, in general, public and private companies from different sectors of the economy in Latin America and the Caribbean to face, in a harmonious way, the development of Future Internet in the region in order to:

  • strengthen productive and economic integration of the region;

  • promote competitiveness of companies and administrations in the field of Future Internet;create new economic and trade opportunities with partners from other regions;

  • promote innovation and improving competitiveness and technological development of the region and its countries;

  • provide tangible benefits for society and the region;

  • disseminate information and knowledge on trends regarding policies, regulations, technology and socio-economic aspects of the Internet of the Future;

  • meet the challenges demanded by Future Internet.


Our mission is to promote, sponsor, consolidate, coordinate and lead action plans, programs, projects, activities and fora to address the challenges and opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean in the development and implementation of the Future Internet as well as serve as a regional channel of all these efforts in order that the region becomes a key player in the design and development of the Future Internet.
Be part of the future.