PBHS Guidance

If you wish to make a schedule change for next semester please use the following links to submit to your grade level counselor:

Freshmen (Class of 2021):  

Sophomore (Class of 2020) and all STEM Students:  https://goo.gl/forms/7Ofax5kQY5HJGAw32

Seniors (Class of 2018): https://goo.gl/forms/hFEUtpNsyn22FoJp2
The PBHS School Counselors work with students, parents, teachers, and staff to help provide clear guidance, strong support, and critical information that students need to reach their educational and career goals. Through a variety of contacts, lessons, and presentations, the PBHS Counseling Staff hopes to address academic, personal, social, and post-secondary interests throughout the years.

Who is your counselor?
Students are divided based on their grade level, but are welcome to seek out any of our Counseling staff for assistance if needed.

Graduating class of 2021
Counselor: Mrs. Myrna Jones
480-474-6100 X6124
 Graduating class of 2020
& all STEM students
Counselor: Mrs. Teri Kuebler  
480-474-6100 X8531
Graduating Class of 2019
Counselor: Mrs. Kia Warner  
480-474-6100 X8635
 Graduating Class of 2018
Counselor: Ms. Belinda Quesada
480-474-6100 X6116
Counselor Receptionist
Ms. Teri Duarte 
480-474-6100 X8530

How do I meet with my Counselor?

  • Stop in before school, during celebration, during lunch, or after school.
  • Send your counselor an email and they will call you out.
  • DO NOT LEAVE CLASS to come and see your counselor.
  • Please email or call your child's counselor.