Did You Know?

All staff and students have access to their own storage space on our Cloud. The FUSD Portal is a virtual desktop where students and staff could access commonly used programs as well as files that they have saved to their account drives.

Internet Safety

The Internet has changed the way we do everything in this day in age. It is a tool unlike any other out there, but not everything on the Internet is safe for our students. Please take time to review the district's End User License Agreement as well as read the articles pertaining to Internet safety. Happy surfing!

Internet Safety Tips

How We're Changing With The Times
The Florence Unified School District is leading the way to integrating technology seamlessly to our 21st century learners. We have technology integrated throughout all classrooms in all grade levels thanks to the technology override that was passed in November of 2010. Currently, both of our high schools have pervasive wireless in every classroom and all students have district-issued laptops to use. Our internal bandwidth is one gigabyte giving our staff and students access to content and data at amazing speeds. This also means that with the growth of our technology within the district, bandwidth will not be a problem. Our students are utilizing these tools and software programs to learn through creating wikis, websites, blogs, as well as video conferencing.

What Tools We Have To Offer
FUSD has many tools to support teachers. This creates student engagement which results in an authentic learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with student computers, document cameras, projectors, and interactive whiteboards. Many of our classrooms also utilize interactive learner response systems which allow students to answer questions, take quizes, and take tests using a remote device.

Our Educational Software
Having the hardware is only half of what you need the software is what makes the learning happen! We offer many comprehensive software tools that engage students in the learning as well as provide immediate data for the teacher in order to meet the needs of our individual learners. We utilize Galileo as a form of data tracking, formative, and benchmark assessments. PLATO is another program that is used through the district in order to reach all learners. They are interactive lessons that are assigned by the teacher based on the students needs. ALEKS is a web based tool we use to differentiate our mathematics instruction. It is a program that students work on for twenty minutes a day that ensures that our students are constantly advancing at their own pace. In order to promote literacy at FUSD, our students participate in Accelerated Reader. Students read books that are geared towards their individual reading level, then take quizzes about the books on the Accelerated Reader website. Students and teachers can instantly see the results and adjust as needed. many of these programs can be used from any computer connected to the internet.

Learning through Videoconferencing
With the rising trend and need for distance learning, FUSD has videoconferencing equipment at every school. With the ability to call schools within our own district as well as outside sources, this powerful tool gives us the ability to take Virtual Field Trips without ever having to set foot outside of the classroom. This also gives our teachers the ability to teach courses at different sites. This is happening around our district and has positive feedback from both teacher, and students. The learning does not stop there. Many of our teachers throughout the district participate in Read Around Arizona and Read Around the Planet. We have connected to schools around the state, country, and globe with our videoconferencing equipment further enhancing the cultural climate for our students, and those around the world.