Florence Unified School District Mission - Kids First

Florence Unified School District Vision - A District By Design, Not By Chance.


Strategic Plan

1. Technology
By 2020, FUSD will implement educational technology that improves the learning outcomes for students by enhancing instruction, increasing collaboration among staff, and facilitating the continually changing needs related global technology skills.

Goal 1.1 Infrastructure

FUSD will install and maintain advanced technological infrastructure that will allow continued improvement in student and staff technology implementation to include:

  • continue to improve high speed internet at all school sites
  • upgrade to servers
  • move to cloud-based services

Goal 1.2 Educational Hardware

FUSD will provide staff and students with quality technology tools that will facilitate greater instructional effectiveness by;

  • creating a BYOD school environment at all high schools
  • giving every child in every classroom access to a device
  • providing staff with a variety of tools including smartboards, tablets, document cameras, and computing devices to create a rich set of instructional technology resources.

Goal 1.3 Technology, Pedagogy, & Curriculum Infusion

FUSD will infuse educational technology into curriculum and instruction to enhance teacher knowledge of technology to improve student learning outcomes by integrating student learning platforms, assessment software, and learning tools into the curriculum and instructional delivery methods.

Goal 1.4 Training & Support

FUSD will provide embedded and ongoing training and support to teachers and staff to utilize hardware and software tools by having a long-range technology training and coaching plan.

Goal 1.5 Technology-focused Culture

FUSD will adhere to a technology focused school culture by setting expectations, being environmentally conscious, and modeling technology use at every level of the organization.

Goal 1.5 Data Use

FUSD will establish a data system that warehouses student data allowing for easy access and use to improve student learning.

2. Vertically Articulated Extra-Curricular Engagement

By 2020, FUSD will integrate a variety of integrated extra-curricular activities to improve interpersonal intelligence for student, school, and community long-term success.

Goal 2.1 Transferable Skills

FUSD will teach transferable skills through use of extra-curricular and sports related activities to include the following:

  • citizenship  
  • sportsmanship
  • dedication
  • perseverance (grit)
  • sacrifice
  • integrity
  • selflessness

Goal 2.2 Program Expansion

FUSD will continue to build partnerships with community organizations to expand extra-curricular experiences through intramural programs, continued stakeholder engagement, and feeder programs.

Goal 2.3 Fiscal Responsibility

FUSD will maintain fiscal responsibility regarding allocation of funds to support extra-curricular programs.

Goal 2.4 Strategic Foundation

FUSD will build a foundation that includes an organizational structure of stakeholders who collaborate to improve extra-curricular engagement and continually evaluate potential membership options.

Goal 2.5 Common Philosophies & Expectations

FUSD will establish a coaching induction program the aligns coaching philosophy, skills, and attitude among all extra-curricular programs to the district’s Kids First vision.

Goal 2.6 Community Education

FUSD will use the Community Education Department to drive extra-curricular programming and to enhance community involvement.

3. Effective Leadership

By 2020, FUSD will improve leadership capacity by focusing on growing effective leadership from within the organization by promoting effective communication, support, accountability, and setting high expectations of all district leaders, both formal and informal.

Goal 3.1 Norms of Effective Leadership

FUSD will establish effective leadership norms that will govern all leadership activities to include a positive attitude, mutual trust, integrity, and respect.

Goal 3.2 Vision and Mission

FUSD will ensure that all leaders demonstrate complete integrity to the district’s mission and vision.

Goal 3.3 Effective Communication

FUSD will adhere to a process of effective communication through a clearly articulated chain of command, collaborative resolution, and ongoing feedback.

Goal 3.4 High Expectations

FUSD will set high expectations for all district leaders and gauge their overall effectiveness in each of the following areas:

  • professionalism
  • organizational efficiency
  • proficiency  in areas of leadership
  • commitment to the District
  • continual striving for excellence
  • inspiring stakeholder engagement
  • developing confidence in staff and students

Goal 3.5 Building Leadership Capacity

FUSD will build leadership capacity by effectively growing leadership from within the district through a focus on relationship building, distributed leadership, and ongoing mentoring and cross training.

Goal 3.6 Effective Resource Management

FUSD will be fiscally responsible by ensuring all leaders strategically allocate fiscal and personnel resources to plan and meet school and district goals.

4. Quality Teaching & Learning

By 2020, FUSD will have a robust teacher support system, evidence-based and aligned curriculum, clearly articulated pedagogical practices, and organizational systems that promote student learning.

Goal 4.1 Research-based and Curriculum

FUSD will adopt through the board curriculum adoption process, evidence-based and aligned curriculum for math, ELA, social studies, science, and will also adopt evidence-based intervention materials for ELA and math.

Goal 4.2 Pedagogy

FUSD will implement evidence-based instructional pedagogy through adoption of the Teaching Edge, cooperative learning strategies, and universal design for learning in all district classrooms.

Goal 4.3 Professional Development

FUSD will provide ongoing, job-embedded, and diverse professional development to all staff related to district initiatives to include multiple formats and delivery methods.

Goal 4.4 Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

FUSD will implement professional learning communities at the district office and every school site.

Goal 4.5 Evaluation System

FUSD will implement a consistent and learner focused teacher evaluation system that uses both summative and formative assessments to provide ongoing feedback for teacher improvement.

Goal 4.6 Teacher Support

FUSD will implement a teacher mentoring and coaching program  that provides teachers with a high quality support system designed to improve practice and increase teacher retention.

5. Culture of Continuous Improvement

By 2020, FUSD will foster a culture of systemic and continuous improvement through a solutions-focused process.

Goal 5.1 Use of Evidence-based Practices (EBP)

FUSD will continually evaluate and align curriculum, instruction, and assessment to currently identified evidence-based practices.

Goal 5.2 Data Informed Decision Making (DIDM)

FUSD will embed data informed decision-making into all processes using a variety of qualitative and quantitative information sources.

Goal 5.3 Strategic Allocation of Resources

FUSD will allocate resources strategically across systems to enable the district to accomplish the goals by focusing on:

  • personnel allocations

  • financial accountability

  • priority identification

  • long-term sustainability

  • performance evaluation

  • strengthening internal controls

Goal 5.4 Cyclical Improvement Process

FUSD will plan and follow a continuous cycle of research, application, assessment, improvement, and dissemination that involves a variety of stakeholders, focused on multi-level innovation, sharing of data, and embedded support.

Goal 5.5 Systems Alignment

FUSD will continually evaluate its internal systems to ensure alignment towards achieving the District’s strategic plan.

6. Clear & Collaborative Relationships  

By 2020, FUSD will implement a clear strategy for improving collaboration among all District stakeholders.

Goal 6.1 Alignment and Unity

FUSD will align and unify school and district actions to meet the mission, vision, and goals of the District.

Goal 6.2 Chain of Command

FUSD will establish a chain-of-command that outlines roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders to create clear lines of communication.

Goal 6.3 Collaboration

FUSD will set and adhere to a set of collaborative norms that foster fidelity, integrity, and consistency among district systems and initiatives (e.g., PLC, PD/cluster, grade levels, departments, etc)

Goal 6.4 Culture of Respect

FUSD will foster a culture of mutual respect, transparency, and trust with all employees and stakeholders.