The Florence Unified School District (FUSD) uses a grant provided by the Arizona Department of Education to fund and operate the FUSD PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Program. This program uses positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors in our students.

By rewarding positive decisions instead of only punishing poor decisions, we are able to support and encourage students who make positive choices while also showing all students that doing the right thing is something that should be celebrated. Students are given prizes and entered into drawings based on their ability to earn "caught in the act" tickets.

This program has revolutionized the way we do discipline and has had a positive impact on students who might need more help with behavioral norms.

For more information, CLICK HERE for the district PBIS website, CLICK HERE for the San Tan Height K-8 PBIS Matrix, or CLICK HERE for the San Tan Heights K-8 PBIS Handbook.