Furze Platt Senior School

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Two Times National Champions 
Two Times National Runners Up 

National F24 Final Winners 
2004 and 2005

  National F24 Runners Up    
2005 and 2006


Greenpower is a large team challenge in which schools from around the country design and build a single seater electric car. The car runs on 2 twelve volt batteries with a 24 volt 13 Amp motor, and is fully controlled by the Greenpower Educational Trusts regulations.
Schools then take these cars to tracks around the country competing them against each other. 
These tracks include Silverstone, Dunsfold and Goodwood. The teams which complete the most number of laps/milage at the end of each race get a place in the national finals, with teams clocking up miles also get a place into the national finals. Furze Platt have managed to reach these finals over 9 times in the last 12 years. Which is a fantastic achievement for us as a team and the school.