Fuqua Planapalooza – Business Plan Review Series

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The Fuqua Planapalooza is an opportunity for students to review business plans from start-ups throughout North Carolina and get involved with the entrepreneurs behind the companies. The EVCC has teamed up with the CEI and NC IDEA to provide this unique experience to scrutinize the business plans of firms throughout the state competing for $50,000 grants.  Teams of students will read though short business plans and make recommendations on their viability.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn how a venture capital firm values the fundamentals of a business plan and uncovers any major red-flags.  Additionally, participants will have the chance to not only help entrepreneurs with their business plans but also assist NC IDEA with due diligence, depending on your interest.  Throughout the grant process, NC IDEA will provide feedback on firms that make the cut, firms that are invited to present, and the final selection of grant recipients.

Please sign up by Wednesday, September 16.

Planapalooza Details and Schedule

After a required kick-off meeting and training session, each student will be assigned ~10 business plans that were submitted as part of NC IDEA’s Spring 2009 Grant Program.  Each plan is less than 3 pages long and you are strongly urged to read through them and make initial notes before your teams meet.  This initial review shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

There will be a standardized review form that each team will fill out to provide feedback to the entrepreneurs and to the partners at NC IDEA on the quality of each plan.  This feedback will be the basis for anyone interested in working with the start-ups on subsequent rounds in the applications process or possibly in a longer-term relationship with the entrepreneur.  Finally, we’ll wrap up with lunch and informal event to talk about the business plans.

VC Crash Course

This 1 hour kick-off and training session is required for anyone interested in participating in the business plan review.  The purpose is to show how a venture capital firm evaluates the business plan of a start-up, focusing in on the fundamentals and looking out for red-flags.  It will be led by Jeff Boardman, CEO of learnvc.com.  This could be a valuable information session for anyone interested in venture capital or starting a business.

Classroom and Time TBD

Types of Start-ups applying for the NC IDEA Grant Program

NC IDEA recognizes that many new technologies are not successfully transferred out of universities and research institutions because of a funding gap between government and private equity support. The NC IDEA Grant Program helps fill this funding gap by driving the commercialization of technological breakthroughs developed in North Carolina that have a significant potential to successfully transition into commercially viable high-growth enterprises.  The NC IDEA Grant Program targets start-ups serving the following fields:
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics/Computer Device
  • Greentech/Clean Tech
  • Healthcare Diagnostic Substance
  • Healthcare Information System
  • Industrial Equipment/Machine Tool
  • IT Infrastructure/Communication system
  • IT Software
  • Materials/Metals/Chemical Technology
  • Medical Device/Instrument/Equipment
  • Multimedia & Graphics Software
  • Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
  • Software as a Service/Cloud Computing
  • Wireless IT System

If you have any questions, please email:
Chris DeFilippo at cd87@duke.edu or
Georgianna Golematis at gmg3@duke.edu.


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