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The Venezuelan coral system's sustainability is based on the dissemination and teaching. The "Fundación" has promoted and strengthened music education in many ways among. Those are:
Conducting Permanent courses
Each year conducting courses are planned, issued since 1990 by eminences of this discipline at the global level positions available to musicians, directors and singers in our country, to help increase their training. Such is the case of Eric Ericson, Willi Gohl, Vic Nees, Robert Sund, Liliana Cangiano, Werner Pfaff, Erkki Pohjola, Krystof Pendereski, and Alberto Grau Helmount Rilling, among others, who have given their wealth of knowledge to students and professionals coral discipline that have participated in each of these courses.

Bachelor of Music IUDEM (Uniarte)
The"Fundación"  is one of the sponsors that made possible the creation of the Bachelor of Music, Choral mention, title awarded by the Institute of Musical Studies (IUDEM). The first step towards the professionalization of the discipline, was the creation by the Foundation, the Choral Chair in 1976, which eventually became the Choral School, attached to the Foundation of the National Youth Orchestra.

Training professionals specializing in Choral Conducting with a suitable education and teaching according to the demands of quality, provides human resources ensure the dissemination and to ensure the growth of coral area in the country. Between 1976 and 2003 have graduated 18 choral director. 

USB Music Master
In the first decade of the nineteenth century, Professor Maria Guinand encourages the creation of the Master of Music degree from the Universidad Simón Bolívar which aims to "provide competent professional musicians systematic studies of the different fields of music and research in the selected area: Composition, Choral, Instrumental Conducting and Performance and contribute to the formation of Music Teachers of high level, for new generations. " With an emphasis on choral area, which has been training school for professional musicians from all over the country and Latin America.
Permanent Singing Workshops 
These workshops are led by professional singing and taught individually to each choir, who have the possibility to explore their skills and showcase their achievements over the concerts and musical events annually. The individual development of participants results in an overall improvement of choral groups in the country, creating a synergy that goes beyond the sum of the personal improvement of each individual.

National and international exchanges
The constant contact with international organizations and institutions related to choral singing has opened the doors to receive invitations from different countries to participate in Master Classes and tours corals, for which they are selected, on merit, some of our corals. This Foundation offers another field Schola Cantorum for enrichment in the formation of his choir members and directors.