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CSF Groups

"We were able to ask tough questions, and have open, vulnerable, honest discussion in a respectful, safe environment...I found my cultural voice in this group!"

"I grew in my own self awareness as a white woman, and in my understanding of how deeply culture and ethnicity shape each person's identity and spirituality"
Cultural Spiritual Formation (CSF) Groups 

CSF groups exist to help students explore their own cultural identity and develop a greater understanding of other cultures through sharing personal stories, participating in theological and spiritual reflection, and applying this to current issues of culture and diversity. The desired outcome of CSF Groups is that students will be spiritually transformed through developing a greater sense of self awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences, and that this transformation will be seen in students’ future work, ministry, family, and personal lives. CSF groups begin winter quarter and require a two-quarter commitment.

Registration for Winter/Spring 2014 CSF Groups is currently underway. Register here.

The first CSF Group began through the Office of Student Affairs in 2008 out of the shared vision of the late Ruth Vuong, former Dean of Students; Craig Hendrickson, former Chaplain; and the student-led Multicultural Concerns Committee. It began out of a desire to see students gain a greater awareness of the diversity around them while at Fuller as well as the diversity students would encounter in their future ministries and careers. Each year, the number of students participating in the groups has grown, and CSF Groups have now become an important part of the overall vision and mission of the Office of Student Affairs.