Find A Spiritual Director

In the midst of a busy academic life, it may be challenging to stay connected to God. However, meeting with a spiritual director can help you continue to cultivate your relationship with God during your time in seminary. 
Spiritual direction summons you to a closer relationship with God in Jesus Christ, and helps you to see God's presence and grace more fully in your life. A spiritual director is one who journeys with another -- meeting with a spiritual director is not as much about being directed as it is about being invited to a greater closeness to God.
One may see a spiritual director in order to:
  • Identify your daily experiences of God
  • Integrate your academic and spiritual life
  • Discern one's vocation and/or ministry/career direction
  • Share the joys and challenges of your life
  • Grow in relationship with God, self, and others
Contact the Pastoral Care Team for Spiritual Director referral after completing the Spiritual Director matching form.  
Pastoral Care Team Office: 626-584-5322