Maintaining Status

When you entered the U.S. your immigration documents were stamped and you were admitted as an F-1 or J-1 student.
You now have a responsibility to maintain your immigration status. All international students are responsible for remaining 
"in status" by complying with the following regulations and policies:

Report to ISO (International Services Office) within 10 days of any changes regarding:

  • U.S. Home address
  • E-mail address you use to communicate with ISO
  • Academic program, degree, level and/or school

Obtain proper authorization for employment

  • Obtain an "Authorization for Employment" letter from ISO if you are offered an on-campus job
    (including teaching assistantship)
  • Consult with your International Advisor regarding off-campus work eligibility before seeking off-campus employment
  • Apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and/or Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Maintain full course load

  • Know what the full course requirements are for your specific degree program
  • Register for a full course load every quarter except for your vacation quarter
  • Complete a "Request for Reduced Course Load" whenever you are registering for less than a full course load.

Observe the following policies:

  • Maintain a valid passport at all times and provide ISO with a copy of any new and/or renewed passports
  • You must obtain a travel validation signature from ISO before traveling outside the U.S.
  • Know when your visa expires and provide ISO with a copy of any new visa
  • Remember your program completion date on your on your I-20 or DS-2019. Apply for an extension, if you qualify, in a timely manner (90 days before your program end date)
  • Maintain appropriate health insurance for you and your dependents at all times
  • Notify ISO if you are permanently leaving Fuller (e.g., returning to your home country, transferring to a new school, etc.)
  • File a non-resident tax form each year before the tax deadline.
    Tax information for International Students can be found here.