Students Experiencing Hardship

**If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency or a psychological emergency,

Call 911   (9-911 from a campus phone)**

While the Office of Student Affairs is hopeful that all students will have a positive educational and community experience while at Fuller, some students may find themselves facing difficulties or crises while they are here. These difficulties could be part of their personal lives or a result of a problem related to their education or with a member of the Fuller community. Whatever the difficulty or crisis, the staff in the Office of Student Affairs is available to offer assistance or resource options to students with various needs. The following are examples of difficulties that students may face: 

Financial Crises
Spiritual or Theological Concerns
Death in the Family
Personal Illness
Studying with a Disability
Harassment including but not limited to Sexual Harassment
Discrimination including but no limited to Racial Discrimination
Anxiety or Depression
A Concern about a Distressed Student
A Concern about a Threat of Violence
A Need to File a Formal Complaint Concerning a Member of the Fuller Community

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, the following staff and/or resources are available through the Office of Student Affairs:

Associate Director of Student Development, 626-584-5434 
The Associate Director of Student Development can help students who need assistance with a variety of concerns that affect their personal and/or academic life. The Director may be able to assist by
    • helping to resolve issues of harassment or discrimination;
    • hearing and responding to a concern about a fellow distressed student;
    • answering questions about Fuller’s community standards;
    • receiving a formal complaint from a student and explaining Fuller’s complaint resolution procedures;
    • connecting a student with a campus chaplain;
    • referring a student to a therapist; or
    • assisting a student in a time of personal illness or crisis—including coordinating communications between different Fuller offices/professors when needed.

Pastoral Care Team Chaplains626-584-4322 

    • Pastoral Care Team Chaplains are available for one-on-one meetings with students
    • For immediate crisis support or for ongoing prayer and support
    • Chaplain for Vocational Discernment available for students having discernment of call questions
    • To schedule an appointment with a chaplain email or call 626-584-5322.
    • Available to help with referrals to therapists and/or spiritual directors
ASC Emergency Grant626-584-5452 
    • The ASC has an emergency fund available for students in situations where there is an unforeseen crisis and financial resources are needed. Click on the link above to view the eligibility requirements, complete the online form, and find further instructions.
Access Services626-584-5439
    • Orientation to campus resources and assistance with medical verification and recommendations for accommodation of a disability
    • Assistance in requesting accommodation in housing and campus facilities
    • Available by appointment or walk-in during office hours

Additional community and area resources can be found at the Pasadena Area Resources and National Hotlines page.