Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

At Fuller Seminary we believe that part of what it means to live in Christian community is to interact in a way that communicates care and respect to those around us. In that vain, Fuller is committed to fostering an educational and working environment where students, faculty, and staff can learn and work in an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. 

As part of this commitment, Fuller offers free online "Preventing Sexual Harassment" training for students. While the training is not a requirement for students, it is highly encouraged. This training will not only help you to be more sensitive to those within the Fuller community but should also help you be better prepared for your ministries and careers. 

To access the online training, click here. The training can take up to two hours. Participants can save the information and return to the training numerous times to complete it. 

Additionally, Fuller has seven Community Standards which include a Policy Against Sexual Harassment. If you have any concerns in this area or questions about the training please contact Matthew Talley, Associate Director of Student Development, at or 626-584-5434.