Counseling Services

For students interested in professional therapy, the following resources are available in the Pasadena area: 

Fuller Psychological and Family Services, (626-584-5555)

Fuller Psychological and Family Services (FPFS) provides mental health care services for Fuller students* and the Pasadena community. FPFS provides the following services: individual therapy; family & couple therapy; group counseling; child & adolescent therapy; as well as assessments including personal and emotional functioning and learning disabilities. FPFS offers a sliding scale fee based on income. 

(*Because of the potential conflict of interest that exists for School of Psychology (SOP) students, they may not be seen for counseling services at Fuller Psychological and Family Services. However, SOP students may obtain referral resources from FPFS by contacting the FPFS Clinical Director at 626-584-5569.)

The following are additional Pasadena counseling resources for all Fuller students:

Rose City Counseling Center, (626-793-8609)

La Vie Counseling Center(626-351-9616)

Foothill Family Services, (626-564-1613)