Conflict and Complaint Resolution

Fuller Seminary urges the practice of loving, verbal confrontation as described in Matthew 18:15-22, where feasible, when any member of a Christian community feels that another member is in violation of what the bible teaches about Christian conduct. However, the seminary also understands that there may be times when this is not effective or times when this is not possible. If a student feels that s/he needs assistance with a concern or conflict with a member of the Fuller community, the Associate Director of Student Development is available to assist with the resolution process, either through receiving a formal complaint from the student or helping to explore other avenues available for addressing the concern.

For a list and description of the seminary’s seven community standards, go to the Community Standards page. Additionally the seminary’s complaint resolution procedures can be found in the Student Handbook.

To make an appointment with the Associate Director of Student Development, call 626-584-5434 or email