Start a New Student Group

Student Groups enliven and serve our community. Your leadership offers invaluable opportunities to connect with other students. Student Groups can register as informal groups at any time. Student Groups can achieve formal status at the end of the academic year--formalizing for the following academic year.

The deadline for registering formal groups for 2013-2014 has passed. You can, however, register a new informal group at any time.

Follow this simple registration process:

Read through the Student Group Handbook

 Write your Group's Bylaws 
    [See the Handbook for details: "Regulations and Policies for Official Student  
    Groups", Article B: "Student Group By-Laws"]

 Complete the Registration Form

Submit by-laws and any additional forms to the Office of Student Affairs (second floor of the Catalyst).

Feel free to stop by, email or call with any questions: or 626.584.5435