Emergency Grant Application

This Grant-in-Aid is for Fuller Theological Seminary students who are experiencing a crisis situation that directly results in an unexpected and significant financial burden, and who are unable to otherwise monetarily cope with the emergency. Limited monetary support is available through the ASC for applicants who meet the following requirements:


  • The applicant must have paid ASC fees for the current quarter, or the immediately previous quarter.
  • The applicant must be in good academic standing.
  • The applicant must have a genuine emergency specifying a financial need, and may be required to provide verification of said emergency through paperwork or a reference.

o   Examples of extraordinary and unforeseeable financial circumstances:

§  Expenses related to a death in the immediate family.

§  Extraordinary medical expenses (i.e. unprecedented serious illness, extreme hospitalization).

§  Extraordinary transportation needs (i.e. auto breakdown, stolen vehicle).

§  Extraordinary loss of income, due to unforeseeable circumstances.

§  Extraordinary needs related to shelter.


  • The total disbursed to a student per year from ASC cannot exceed $500.
  • The period of one year is defined as July 1st – June 30th or, the beginning of Summer Quarter through the end of Spring Quarter, as is consistent with the ASC term of office and Fuller Seminary’s fiscal year.
  • One may not apply for the fund more than once a quarter, and cannot apply more than once in two consecutive months.
  •  Assistance cannot be used for tuition
  •  Funds are distributed only for designated needs.
  • Disbursement of funds is subject to availability and the discretion of the ASC Finance Committee.
  • Accepting these funds may affect your Financial Aid award.



  1. Submit completed application below.
  2. Email any supporting documentation to asc-business@fuller.edu.
  3. The Financial Aid Office and the ASC Finance Committee will review the application. You may be asked for an interview or further documentation.
  4. The ASC Business Manager will notify the applicant of the status of the application and any decisions made regarding the fund request.
  • Please note that this process takes a minimum of 1 week and will often take longer, especially if using one of the paper options below.
  • If you would prefer your request to be on paper rather than electronic, download the Word document at the bottom of this page, fill out that application, attach your supporting documents, and submit the application to the office of Student Financial Services.
  • If you would like to complete the online application but drop off paper copies of your supporting documentation, please place those papers in the Business Manager’s box in the ASC office  on the first floor of the Catalyst.