ASC Conference Stipend

Below is a brief description of the ASC Conference Stipend. The application form is attached for your convenience.


This ASC Conference Stipend is open for most Fuller Theological Seminary students who are either principal presenters of a paper/project in their field of study or wish to attend a conference that relates to their particular field of study. Limited monetary support is available for those who meet the basic requirements.


  • The applicant may apply for ONE of two types of stipends per academic year:
    •  (A) Principal Presenter
      • Any student that is a principal presenter of a paper or project at a conference may apply for this type of stipend.
      • We will consider all students equally whether they are authors or not authors on particular research projects/posters, as long as they are the principal presenter on the project.
      • Applicants will be awarded a $200.00 stipend based on the availability of funds.
    • (B) Participant
      • Any student who wishes to attend a conference within their specific field is eligible to apply.
      • Students who are presenters but not principal presenters of a paper or project will be eligible for this stipend.
      • Applicants will be awarded a $100.00 stipend based on the availability of funds.
  • The applicant must be currently enrolled as a student of Fuller Theological Seminary’s Pasadena Campus in a minimum of 6 units for master's level students. PhD students must be able to show that they are in good academic standing, in order to be eligible for the stipend. Regional campus students, DMiss, DMin, and MAGL students are not eligible.
  • Receipt(s) of conference expenses must be submitted before funds will be disbursed. Expenses will only be reimbursed for receipts submitted. Eligible receipts include conference registration, travel, lodging, and food.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application, including all signatures and receipts, no later than 30 days after the starting date of the conference attended. Please allow an additional 3 weeks for processing. There is no penalty for applying before the conference, but please keep in mind that you will only be reimbursed for your expenses after the conference.
  •  Applications with receipts may be submitted before the conference for faster processing. Applications without receipts, and with both required signatures, may be submitted before the conference to determine eligibility/availability, but funds will only be disbursed upon submission of receipts.


  • A student is only eligible to be awarded one conference stipend per year (defined as July 1 – June 30).
  •  The stipend cannot be used for school tuition but must go towards the cost of attending the conference: admission, travel, board, food..
  • Students applying for this fund are required to get the approval of a Faculty Advisor or a supporting faculty member.
  • Funds are limited and are subject to availability.
  • Stipends will not be awarded for any application completed more than 30 days after the conference began.


  1. Read the above information!
  2. Sign the first statement below then click "continue" to go to the rest of the application.
  3. Ask an Advisor/Faculty member to send their statement of support to 
  4. Send your conference receipts to (at least for the amount you're asking for, $100 or $200). 
  5. The ASC Finance Committee will review and process the application within two weeks. 
  6. The ASC Business Manager will notify the applicant of the status of the application and any decisions made.

For more information, please contact the ASC Business Manager: Bethany Hager | 626-584-5668 |

ASC Conference Stipend Application