Writing Workshops

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Advanced Composition Methods

Saturday, May 30, 10 am-12 noon

Geneva Room   // Join in online!

Finally, fellow writers, whatever is strong, whatever is compelling, whatever is dynamic, whatever is thoughtful, whatever is robust, whatever gives pushback—if anything is excellent in structure—write on those things..

Now that you’re no longer a seminary rookie, you’re ready for the big leagues of structuring dynamic arguments. All writers are invited to join this session about what makes a good paper great, and why. Learn the secrets behind showing, not telling, and making every bit of your written argument worth its weight in gold. By attending this workshop, you’ll be exposed to more complex methods of building a compelling argument that says exactly what you want it to. Bring the writing prompts for your finals papers and spend time with Writing Center consultants hashing out the optimal outline for your best paper yet.

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