Policies and Fees


In-Person consultations are completed in our office or a location of your choosing.  These are suitable for any stage of the writing process, and we recommend them for students who are just beginning a paper, for verbal processors, or for anyone needing tutoring. You can come by during our office hours, and we encourage you to make an appointment.

Online consultations are completed through the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. After uploading your paper, consultants review your work for errors, provide guidance to help you improve your writing, and send the reviewed paper back to you. These are suitable for later stages in the writing process, for theses/dissertations and for APA compliance. Click here for an example of a reviewed paper.  

Consultations are also available via phone call or video chat.  

We encourage students to plan for additional time to complete a final draft after receiving their reviewed papers from the Writing Center.


             $10.00 per hour                          Masters Students

                                                                     Papers under 8000 words


             $20.00 per hour                         Doctoral Students

                                                                     Masters Thesis and Dissertation

                                                                     Rush Consultations

                                                                     Papers over 8000 words


             $25.00 per hour                          Alumni & Employees



For online consultations, the amount of time required to return a reviewed 

paper is determined by its length (all time requirements exclude Sunday).


               0 - 2000 words require                  two days (48 hrs)

               2001 - 4000 words require          three days (72 hrs)

               4001 - 6000  words require         five days (120 hrs)

               6001 - 8000  words require         six days (144 hrs)


Every additional 1500 words require an additional day. Phone and Skype consultations need at least 48 hours advance notice. 

Remember to send your papers to the Writing Center with enough time to work on it after you receive it from us and before your deadline. 

Any consultations requests that are under the time requirements are considered rush consultations.


To pay by credit card, enter your job number here.

You may also choose to charge consultations to your student account.

Payment is due within 7 days of the consultation. 


Emails and consultation requests will be responded to during Writing Center office hours (Monday-Thursday, 10 am-7 pm). The Writing Center does not currently hold office hours on weekends. Please be aware of this when submitting a consultation request; requests submitted on weekends will be responded to as soon as possible during office hours.

When calculating the amount due, any preliminary reviews and follow-up discussions are considered time spent in consultation.

Late cancellations, no-shows, and failure to abide by any of these policies may result in additional charges.  Payment not received within 30 days will be automatically charged to your student account. 

Advanced payment is required in order to begin consultations for writers and students outside of Fuller Seminary.

While we do our best to help every student, a consultation request does not guarantee we will have consultant availability.

Fuller Writing Center policies and fees are subject to change at any time. Please contact the Managing Editor if you have any questions.