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General Application Process for MDiv Internships

Application Process for MDiv Internships

Both the Intern and Supervisor applications must be received by Friday of the 8th week of the quarter prior to the start of your internship.  No late applications will be accepted.

All MDiv internships must be approved by the Field Education and Ministry Formation (FEMF) Office before you can register for your internship.

Specific application steps:
  1. Read the Internship Handbook and complete the Student Application.  
  2. Email your application to

  1. Supervisors read the Supervisor Handbook (not available at this time) and the Supervisor Orientation Guidelines and complete the Supervisor Application.
  2. Email the completed application to

  1. If you are applying for a one-quarter internship, the FEMF Office will schedule an internship interview when both applications have been received.
  2. If you are applying for a three-quarter internship, the FEMF Office will let you know if and when you have been approved in the following weeks after we have received both applications.
  3. A Course Approval Notification will be emailed from the FEMF Office to the Advising Office (with a copy to you) if your internship is approved. In this same email, you will receive the necessary CRN to register on Portico by the deadline.

These application instructions are for students applying to do a general church or parachurch internship. 
There is a different application process for chaplaincy internships and for CPE internships.