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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program offered through the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) that trains and certifies men and women for ministry in a clinical setting. Under certified supervisors, students are exposed to challenging pastoral ministry experiences in which they explore and integrate personal, theological, and pastoral issues arising from real-life ministry situations. Particular attention is given to Christian self-understanding around issues of meaning, theodicy, death, and suffering.

CPE offers a variety of opportunities for students desiring to gain experience in institutional ministry settings such as hospitals, hospice, correctional facilities, and community contexts. Visit the ACPE website for more information and site locations.

CPE internships are offered in three formats:
  1. Ten to twelve weeks full-time (FE509)

  2. Twenty to twenty-four weeks half-time (FE510)

  3. More than twenty weeks part-time (FE511)
Read through the FE509/510/511 Expanded Course Description for a detailed description of the course.

To receive credit for this course:
  • Complete all required assignments at the CPE site.

  • Submit the CPE supervisor's evaluation to Field Education and Ministry Formation.

  • Respond to feedback questions about your CPE experience after the internship.
Evaluation is conducted entirely by the CPE supervisor with feedback from the student, peer group, and professional staff.

For more information, please see these frequently asked questions.

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