Doctoral Project

Welcome to the realm of the Doctoral Project!  If you have completed half of your program (24 of 48 units or 32 of 60 units), you can embark on the journey of writing a doctoral project. (Note: Cohort students will begin work on the doctoral project at a set point in the sequence of your cohort.) It is a journey that provides you with the opportunity to focus on your ministry passion and fulfill some ministry dreams.  

Your previous coursework should serve you well as preparation for the trek.  Having gained "fire for your ministry and oxygen for your soul," you are ready with these essential elements and other tools to make the climb to "higher elevations."  Your destination is Mount Telos, the end of a goal-oriented process that results in the completion of your doctoral project.

Surveying the Terrain
If you are a personalized track student, your doctoral project journey consists of six major legs or phases:

This journey takes around two years to complete. At the end of that time, you will have a 100 to 125* page paper that represents your learning, theological reflection, and response to a significant issue in ministry. Your project will not only contain valuable insights with a strategy that benefits those you serve, but it can also be a practical resource to the broader Christian community.

Getting Started
Are you ready for the challenge and reward of the journey? The Doctoral Project Travel Handbook is the place to start. Should you need help along the way, your primary trail guide is the Doctoral Projects Administrator. You can reach them at ( or by calling 626.584.5315.

Let the journey begin!

*If your proposal was approved prior to March 1, 2013 or you are in a cohort please contact our office for specific requirements for your project process.