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Internship and Practicum Planning

All professional masters degree programs at Fuller have an internship or practicum component. Additionally, the De Pree Emphasis in Leadership has a required practicum. Whether or not you are required to complete an internship or practicum for your program, you are welcome to inquire about completing one to satisfy elective units.

School of Theology

The Office of Field Education and Ministry Formation requires students to earn a minimum of 24 quarter units toward a Fuller degree prior to completing an internship or practicum. To register an internship or practicum, it is important that you start the planning process early. We recommend that you contact the Office of Field Education and Ministry Formation at least two quarters prior to your intended start of the internship or practicum. Once you have all your application documents in place and you have been approved to register, your academic advisor will be notified and send you the CRN needed for registration.

It is important that you stay on top of the deadlines. Documents submitted late may delay the start of your internship or practicum. Please refer to the Office of Field Education and Ministry Formation for more information.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

If you are interested in doing the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), please note that CPE programs are not required for any degree program at Fuller. If you are seeking ordination in a particular denomination or pursuing military chaplaincy, you may be required or strongly encouraged to complete a CPE as part of the training. You will want to check with a representative from your denomination or military branch.

For more detailed information on internships, practicum and CPE, please click here to be redirected to the Field Education and Ministry Formation Office webpage.

School of Intercultural Studies

MAICS degree students are required to complete a minimum of 24 units of missiology from the School of Intercultural Studies prior to enrolling in the Missiological Integration Practicum. We encourage students to complete the practicum in the middle of their program to allow time for further theological and missiological reflection through academic work after the practicum is complete. However, a number of students will tie their practicum to a ministry opportunity at the end of their academic studies and transition back into ministry through their practicum. 

For more information on setting up and applying for an SIS practicum, you may send an email to

Missiological Integration Practicum Documents

Note: The deadline for SIS practicum applications is week 8 of the quarter prior to your intended quarter of registration. You will want to start planning your practicum up to two quarters in advanced, especially if it involves international travel.

Lebanon Practicum

The Lebanon Practicum provides students with the opportunity to take up to 12 units of coursework while exposing them to Muslim-Christian relations in the context of Lebanon. While in Lebanon, students study under the guidance of Dr. Martin Accad, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, and are based at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Mansourieh in the Maten region overlooking Beirut. The Lebanon practicum fulfills the practicum requirement of the MAICS degree.


The practicum consists of three components: (1) participation in the annual Middle East Conference, hosted by ABTS’s Institute of Middle East Studies; (2) Levantine Arabic language and culture study through the Academy of Languages and Practical Skills (ALPS); and (3) a crosscultural practicum placement as meets the specific interests and skills of the student (for example, interacting with urban Sunnei Beirutis, at-risk youth, refugees, or settled Bedouins). 


Jesse Wheeler, a Fuller graduate, is the Project Manager at The Institute of Middle East Studies in Beirut and oversees the Lebanon Practicum. You may contact him to learn more about the practicum at You may also visit their website:

Lebanon Practicum Documents

Note: Applications for the Lebanon Practicum are due on Friday, March 15th.