"Music gives wings to the mind..."

Fernando Bravo

Curriculum vitae (Publications)

Fernando Bravo is a clinical psychologist, neuroscience researcher, classical guitar performer and composer from Argentina. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher affiliated to the Cognition and Consciousness Imaging Group (Department of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Cambridge, UK) funded by an Andrea von Braun Stiftung Fellowship (Germany), and holds a Research Associate position at Wolfson College (University of Cambridge, UK) linked to the Centre for Music and Science. He joined the Centre for Music and Science (University of Cambridge) in 2011 as a PhD student investigating the effects of music upon the emotional processing of visual information. After his doctoral studies Fernando moved to Germany and held a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Music Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience at TU-Dresden from February 2015 until October 2017.

Fernando’s research work is directed at understanding the influence of music in film and other electronic multimedia from a cognitive/neuroscientific perspective. In particular, his research is focused on analysing how alterations of specific aspects within the musical structure may influence the emotional interpretation of visual scenarios.

By training Fernando is a psychologist (BA), graduated with honours from Argentine Catholic University (UCA) in Buenos Aires. He holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from La Matanza National University and advanced training in severe psychopathology at Pirovano's Hospital (psychosis and autism spectrum disorders). In addition, he is a classical guitarist and composer, with studies in classical guitar performance at Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music “Manuel de Falla” and composition under the guidance of Professors Maximo Diego Pujol and Federico Wiman. He has also completed post-graduate courses in film scoring, musical production applied to audiovisual media, sound design and music computing. 

Between 2009 and 2011, Fernando conducted research as a Fulbright Scholar in the United States, completing studies (Master of Science) at Iowa State University of Science and Technology, within the Integrated Electronic Arts Program established by Prof Christopher Hopkins. Supervised by Dr Hopkins, his work centred on musical multimedia, studying the various ways in which music may shape the semantic processing of visual contexts, and analysing how these processes might be evaluated in empirical settings. His research specifically targeted the emotive effects of music on visuals, combining the fields of music theory and composition, music cognition, cognitive neuroscience, computer music programming and computer generated graphics (3D modeling/animation).

Before awarded the Fulbright Grant, Fernando worked in Argentina for several years as a clinical psychologist with adults and children who suffered from severe psychopathologies. Between 2005 and 2009, he held a part-time teaching position (clinical lecturer) at t
he Psychology Department (UCA), delivering courses on Developmental, Personality and General Psychology, while studying the design of potential non-verbal multimedia applications for the diagnosis of complex mental health disorders. As a composer, Fernando has written pieces for classical guitar and for different strings and woodwinds ensembles. He has also composed music and worked on the sound design for a number of short films, scientific electronic games, as well as for various multimedia installations.