Pluto Demoted Day

Welcome to the Lynbrook High School Professional Development page! This is the hub for all things PD at LHS. 

Our next whole staff PD morning is on the September horizon—September 13 to be exact. Amy and I will be planning for that with the idea of digging in on our PD work goal this year—Collaboration. In the next few days/couple weeks we’d like you to build in some pre-thinking and discussion in your departments/CATs to help all of us be more efficient and practical in our whole staff morning. The thought is to blend some PLC time with whole staff PD work so they complement each other. NOT all your time, of course, as we know you’re doing good work in your teams but portions of it. More on this later. Any questions? Shoot us an email. If you want something to run with tomorrow, you could start discussing these questions in your teams/department: How would you define collaboration and what does effective collaboration look like? What do you do that exemplifies it? Where can you improve?

If you have questions or comments about PD @ LHS, please talk to  Dave, Amy or Mike