Welcome to the Lynbrook High School Library Research page.  Mrs. Ashworth hopes you find the resources here helpful as you work on research assignments for your classes.  To navigate this page, click on the tabs above.

Why Research?  
When you research, you are delving into a topic to discover parallels, synthesize information, make connections, and prove to your teacher that you can do all of the above in an educated way.

MLA makes my head hurt!
Your teachers will expect you to utilize a Style Guide like MLA (see the formatting tab for more details). A style guide may seem like a pain in the noggin for you, but believe it or not, it will help you through the research process.  A specific format provides a strong, sturdy backbone for any research. 

For the purposes of this site, we are focused on academic research (sometimes called "library" research).  In other words, our goal is to help you find, evaluate, summarize, and synthesize information you find online, in books, and in our paid databases.  Scientific research (or "primary" research) refers to the type of research people do in labs or "in the field," that is often reported in scholarly journals.

If you have questions about this site, about research, or about anything else the librarians could help with, please use the form to the right.  YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR FUHSD GOOGLE ACCOUNT to access the form.