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1st European Conference on Political Attitudes and Mentalities 


September 3-4, 2012 
Faculty of Political Science - University of Bucharest

Bucharest, ROMANIA




Political Attitudes and Mentalities
The Historical Heritage of Europe – A Challenge for the Future of Political Analysis
The European Conference on Political Attitudes and Mentalities has been founded by the Eastern European Exploratory Workshop on Political Attitudes and Mentalities, EEEW-PAM'2012, initiated and organized by the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest, Romania. This work was supported by CNCS-UEFISCDI,project number PNII-IDEI/WE_PN-II-ID-WE-2012-4-046/2012.
The foundation of the Annual European  PAM conferences is one of the most relevant effective results of the Exploratory Workshop EEEW-PAM'2012. The conference's main goal is to offer an interdisciplinary framework for three challenging research areas: political sciences, society and prediction technologies.
The Conference aims at joining together the expertise in political and social sciences, history, relligion and philosophy and the practice of social and political analysis and prediction methods and techniques. The simulation technologies based on the artificial societies seem to be a good challenge for the future development of new analysis and prediction tools. The conference aims, therefore, at bridging the gap between the classical political science and the new simulation and analysis technologies based on artificial societies and virtual experiments.
Faculties, research scientists, master and doctoral students from all European universities are invited to submit research papers and to participate in the first event designed to shape the future of political attitudes and mentalities change research in a fast and dramatically changing Europe.


You may find the details about the conference areas of research, deadlines for papers submission, registration and organization here.


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