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We know that our teachers and staff work hard to engage learners, connect with parents, and collaborate with each other and we want to reward you for your efforts. Look through the site to see what badges are available. If you feel you deserve one, simply click on the "Get The Badge" link in each description and share your wonderful experiences with us. We'll use this great information to share best practices with each other and you'll be recognized for your hard work.When awarded a badge, you'll receive a digital copy to place on your website, business cards, e-mail signatures, and more. You'll also receive a hard copy sticker to put up in your room. 

So, get started with your badge collection today!

Teacher Testimonials
from our badge request application ....

"I am in LOVE with communication through Edlio. I am constantly posting pictures of my students at work as well as important information for parents."

"I use Mimio Vote for all of my assessments so that I have quick data to evaluate. I also use Mimio Vote to encourage class participation through a little friendly competition."

"I use Remind with students and with our English department. I schedule reminders and send them out throughout the year. I always send reminders for upcoming tests, essays, and projects."

"We use GoNoodle as a transition between activities. We also use the songs that count or sing the alphabet."

"I have had students numerous times in the last few years turn in assignments and projects through Google Drive. I also have created or uploaded templates for them to copy and use for assignments."