Welcome to the A+ Teaching and Technology Resource Webpage for Fort Sam Houston ISD!


The Fort Sam Houston ISD “A+ Teaching and Technology”” program is designed to …


·         increase the integration of technology in the classroom,

·         provide teachers with relevant, on demand training and support,

·         prepare students for the future by empowering them with 21st Century Skills,

·         monitor use of digital resources, and

·         celebrate successful technology implementation


The core components include teacher self-assessments regarding integration and knowledge of 21st Century Skills, teacher action plans for the integration of technology, ongoing face-to-face and online staff development and lot of support, periodic data collection on the use of digital resources, and the collection of digital artifacts to evidence student use of technology.


This Website

At the heart of the program is the A+ Teaching and Technology website – a collection of links to assessments and surveys, action plan tools, relevant websites for use in the classroom (categorized by grade and subject level), links to video tutorial trainings and helpful handouts, and links to student created digital artifacts.


The site can be navigated easily using the navigation buttons on the left hand side of the page.