Take the Quiz!

Do you have Affluenza? Or do you just like to get jiggy with the beat?
We suggest that you start by taking our affluenza self-test, an admittedly unscientific, but we think a useful means of determining whether you've got affluenza, and if so, how serious your case is. Fare warning, the truth is inevitable so why not find out now? It's a perfect time to see whether you have been infected by the epidemic millions of Americans already face. If you do have it, whether or not it's a serious case, we advise you to explore our website in hopes that you may be able to cure yourself or at least understand why you might have this disease.  

Rashad' Score: 18
Jamie's Score: 40
Morgans Score: 38

Sierra's Score: 20

1. Do you get bored unless you have something to consume (goods, food, media)?
2. Do you try to impress your friends with what you own, or where you vacation?
3. Do you ever use shopping as "therapy"?
4. Do you sometimes go to the mall just to look around, with nothing specific to buy?
5. Do you buy home-improvement products in a large chain store rather than the neighborhood hardware store?
6. Have you ever gone on a vacation primarily to shop? 
7. In general, do you think about things more than you think about people?
8. When you pay utility bills, do you ignore the  amount of resources consumed? 
 Given the choice a slight pay raise and a shorter work week, would you choose the money?
10. Do you fill more than one large trash bag a week?
11. Have you ever lied to a family member about the amount you spend for a product?
12.Do you frequently argue with family members about money?
13.Do you volunteer less than five hours a week to help other people?
14.Do you routinely compare the appearance of your lawn or home with others in your neighborhood?
15.Does each person in your house or apartment occupy more than 500 square feet of personal space?
16.Do you routinely gamble or buy lottery tickets?
17.Do you check your investments at least once a day?
18.Are any of your creditcards maxed out?
19.Do worries about debt cause you physical symptoms like headaches or indigestion?
20. Do you spend more time shopping every week than you do with your family?
21. Do you frequently think about changing jobs?
22. Have you had cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance?
23. Do your conversations often gravitate toward things you want to buy?
24. Are you sometimes ashamed about how much money you spend on fast food?
25. Do you sometimes weave back and forth in traffic to get somewhere faster?
26. Have you ever experienced road rage?
27. Do you feel like you're always in a hurry?
28.Do you often throw away recyclable materials rather than take the time to recycle them?
29.Do you spend less than an hour a day outside?
30.Are you unable to identify more than three wildflowers that are native to your area?
31.Do you replace sports equipment before it’s worn outin order to have the latest styles?
32.Does each member of your family have his or her own TV?
33. Is the price of a product more important to you than how well it was made?
34.Has one of your creditcards ever been rejected by a salesperson because you were over the limit?
35. Do you receive more than five mail-order catalogs a week?
36. Are you one of those consumers who almost never take a reusable bag to the grocery store?
37. Do you ignore the miles per gallon of gasoline your car gets?
38. Did you choose the most recent car you brought partly because it enhanced you self image?
39. Do you have more than five active credit cards?
40. When you get a raise at work, do you immediately think about how you can spend it?
41. Do you drink more soft drink by volume, than tap water?
42. Did you work more this year than last year?
43.Do you have doubts that you’ll be able to reach your financial goals?
44.Do you feel “used up”atthe end of your workday?
45.Do you usually make just the minimum pay menton credit card bills?
46.When you shop,do you often feel a rush of euphoria followed by anxiety?
47.Do you sometimes feel as though your personal expenses are so demanding that you can’t afford public expenses like schools, parks,and transit?
48.Do you have more stuff than you can store in your house?
49.Do you watch TV more than two hours a day?
50.Do you eat meat nearly every day?

Each “yes”answer carries a weightof two points. If you’re uncertain as to your answer,or it’s too
close to call ,give yourself one point. If you score:
0 – 25 You have no serious signs of affluenza, but keep reading to stay healthy
26– 50 You are already infected—keep reading to boost your immune system.
51 – 75 Your temperature is rising quickly.Take two aspirins and read the nextchapters very
76– 100 You’ve got affluenza big time! See the doctor,reread the whole book,and take
appropriate actions immediately.You may be contagious.There’s no time to lose!