LED Applications

This contract covers LED Lighting for any application you could imagine.  We have included pricing in our HOT LIST for the most popular applications.  Click on the Case Study icon to learn about how FSG specified and completed specific projects

Classroom and Office Lighting
LED Tubes and Lamps:  If fixtures are in good condition, LED tubes and screw in lamps can be the most cost effective choice. as you will read in our case studies, many school projects we have completed utilized LED Tubes in classrooms.  Your first decision will be if you want Type A or Type B tubes
Type A: Type A tubes work with an electronic fluorescent ballast.  Changing to this tube is as easy as changing the lamp! Not all existing ballasts will be compatible, but most are.  If you know your existing ballast, we can check compatibility for you.  If your ballasts are nearing end of life, you may want to install new ballasts.  These are also available under the contract.
Type B: Type B tubes have the driver built in to the lamp. So there is no ballast to worry about in the future, meaning you do not need an electrician going forward.  Some styles of lamps require that sockets be rewired or changed, while new double ended styles can re-use existing sockets and wiring.
There is a wide assortment of LED tubes listed on the HOT Sheet from a variety of manufacturers.  If you want to replace fixtures with new LED units, the Hot List includes flat panel and basket style fixtures. One benefit of new fixtures is greater flexibility with dimming for daylight harvesting. If you are looking to replace existing pendant fixtures or wraps, give us a call or email and we will help you find what you need. 
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If you have HID or fluorescent GYM fixtures, LED provides many benefits in addition to up to 75% energy savings!  Unlike HID, new LED GYM fixtures are instant on and instant restrike.  So no worries turning off fixtures between sessions. Fixtures are also dimmable allowing daylight harvesting. The Hot List has GYM fixtures from many different manufacturers.  If you need help selecting the correct fixture, or would like a photometric lighting lay-out, please email us at AEPA@fsgi.com, or give us a call.
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Outdoor Lighting
LED makes great sense for any outdoor lighting.  Lamp life 2.5 to 5 times longer, greatly reducing your future maintenance costs.  The Hot List includes wall packs, floods, area lights and parking garage fixtures from many different manufacturers.
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Controls and Tunable Lighting
Check out these two publications from the Lighting Control Association:
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