The classroom expectations are the same as the school-wide
behavioral program, PBS (Positive Behavioral Support). I also refer to them as the "expectations in life" because if your child can demonstrate  these observable traits, he/she will probably be a successful member of society. That being said, I would also like you to know that both the class and I discuss examples of appropriate behaviors and more importantly, they develop the  consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. 

I will respect other people's belongings.
I will use kind, polite language.
I will keep my hands and my feet to myself.
I will stay in my assigned area.
I will follow adult directions.
I will keep track of my own belongings.

===CONSEQUENCES IN THE CLASSROOM=========================

Appropriate behaviors:

-Expanded Core Curriculum(ECC) activities
-student-led whole class activity such as "hangman" or
 card game "uno".
-listening to an audio book
-listening to music( "kidzbop")

Inappropriate behaviors:

-verbal/written warning to student.
-loss of privilege to participate in specific Expanded
 Core Curriculum activities for one day.
-parent contact

100  Book  Challenge
Our class will be participating in the campus wide 100 Book Challenge. In addition to students accessing  reading books, I will also be reading to them. Each student will be required to read
15-30 minutes daily and have a reading log signed by the dorm staff or parent/guardian. 

In addition to daily reading homework, students will receive a  weekly spelling word list. Spelling homework will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Report Card Grades

50 %  Class assignments
25%   Quizzes & Tests
25 %  Participation

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