Welcome Families,
Parents play an important role in the personal and academic growth of their children. Throughout this school year, there will be expectations set for your sixth grade student. Your attendance at school events indicates your belief in the importance of school and your desire to become involved in your child’s academic career. Your child can be successful and by everyone working together we send this message to each student. We can all have a positive influence on their ability to learn.

-Mrs. Gay

Independence and Responsibility
Sixth grade is a special year for students. They are expected to be responsible for themselves and their own behavior. They are also responsible for the care of the school and happiness, safety, and welfare of other students. These are high expectations, but ones we work on together regularly through class discussions and rules we agreed upon. Your help and support will make a great deal of difference to your child as he/she develops the maturity needed to succeed as a sixth grader. Please let me know how we can support each other’s efforts to help your child grow scholastically, emotionally, and be the best he/she can be this year

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