A little about us

We are family owned and operated and are the sole people taking care of your horse(s).  We would never hire a farm hand, and not train them properly or just leave them on their own.  So you can rest assured that your horse(s) will be in the best care possible.  

We were introduced to horses as children, and our love grew from there.  Today, we have our own children, who have also developed a deep love for horses.  There's nothing as special as having such a large animal love you back.  

Our daughter does a lot of horse competitions, and we have made many friends through these.  While going to her competitions, practices and training, we noticed a lot of people that were worried about what they would do with their horses once they weren't competing anymore.  From then on, Frosty Acres Farm Horse Retirement Retreat was born.  This has given us the opportunity to do something we love, in a beautiful place that we love, and we can all work together and spend more time together.  It was a great idea for a project, and has turned into a wonderful business.

We hope you take the opportunity to at least come and check out all the wonderful things we have to offer.