Welcome to the Frontier Leadership Network

Statement of Vision:
Eastern Oregon Mental Health Peers united in support of Peer-run groups and services which foster wellness and recovery
To network and promote mental health peer delivered services in Eastern Oregon, mentor and support new peer groups in the region and develop programs and services led by mental health peers for other peers.
Originally founded as a cooperative project for encouraging the development of the consumer survivor movement, the Frontier Leadership Network has become far more than it was originally envisioned to be.
At present, we are a registered non-profit charitable corporation working to foster interagency cooperation, encourage and establish peer delivered services, and in the future to create and sustain our own programs supporting consumer survivors and peer-run organizations.
FLN seeks to represent the needs of a 14 county region of Eastern Oregon, and our board of directors currently has 11 representatives.  It would be ideal if we had one board member from each of the counties our corporation represents in addition to the three board officer postings we are structured with.
On 15 Nov 2010, we incorporated in Oregon as a registered nonprofit agency and was granted conditional 501c(3) status.  Within hours of this momentous occasion, we were gifted with domain hosting for a year, a website which you see here, and an email system currently being maintained by our Vice President.
Big changes and progress can be made, but only with our hearts linked, our eyes sharing the prize, and the remembrance that we are all in this together.  One person may not be able to make a difference, but if one person makes a difference in one life, then all life is improved.  Won't you join us as we spread our wings and learn to fly?

Donate to the Frontier Leadership Network, inc.  Please note that for every dollar donated, PayPal keeps $0.33.  If you wish to be more generous, log into your PayPal account and send money directly to info@frontierleadershipnetwork.org through their send money system.