About Us

Frontier Technologies Pvt Ltd (
Frontec) has been in the business of manufacturing  Heat Shrinkable Products since 1987. It has in house manufacturing facilities for various Heat Shrink Components - including cable breakouts, rain skirts, insulators and caps and heat shrink tubing. We also manufacture and supply Cable Jointing Kits for both Underground (U/G) as well as Aerial Bunched (A/B) Cables.

Frontec manufactures Heat Shrink Cable Joints for Low and Medium Voltages (upto 33KV). Frontec Jointing Kits are suitable for U/G and A/B Cables. Apart from components, its product lines include - Cable Terminations, Straight Through Joints, and Fully insulated TapOff connectors for A/B Cables.

In the past 30 years, Frontec has serviced several prestigious customers (both SEB’s as well as large Private Contractors) in India. Frontec has the capability to customize and develop specialized shapes/sizes of Heat Shrinkable Products for your applications and has been exporting proprietary Heat Shrinkable Components to key customers across the globe.

Frontec produces all its heat shrink components (including heat shrink tubing) in house. This gives Frontec full control over the quality of the end product and ensures delivery of a consistently reliable product to the end customer. Long term field results have confirmed that Frontec products fully meet the high reliability standards users expect from heat shrink products.