Welcome to the Nurse's Corner


Attention 6th grade parents:

Please check with your child’s health care provider to determine which vaccines your child needs. 


If your child has received any vaccines within the last year, please provide a copy of the updated record to the school nurse as soon as possible.  That way your student’s record can be updated.  It is not unusual to find that some students are up to date, but since the school has not received the updated record, that student shows up as not being up to date.


It is extremely helpful to have all immunization requirements taken care of and recorded with your school nurse (you need to turn in documentation) before the school year is over if at all possible.  That way you will avoid the school immunization rush and long lines that occur every year during the month of August.  Please note that up-to-date records help make the 7th grade registration process go more smoothly.

The school nurse will be in the school clinic reviewing immunization records the following dates.

  1. Now - June 3rd , 2017

  2. August  8th, 2017

  3. August 10th  – August 21st , 2017

Any immunization record that is turned in at a different date, will be reviewed  the following scheduled date (see above).  For example, immunization records turned in on August 9th will be reviewed on August 10th , 2017.


If you have any questions, please let the school nurse know.


Thank you!


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