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Ms. Doty's Kindergarten enjoying the book

 trailer for Kitten's First full Moon 

by Kevin Henkes 

by Brian Selznick, Scholastic Press, 2015

In 1766, a boy, Billy Marvel, is shipwrecked, rescued, and goes on to found a brilliant family of actors that flourishes in London until 1900--and nearly a century later, Joseph Jervis, runs away from home, seeking refuge with his uncle in London, and is captivated by the Marvel house, with its portraits and ghostly presences. Suggested for grades 4-8.

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byBeverly Cleary, Morrow Junior Books, 1975

For a girl as enthusiastic about life as Ramona, starting the first grade should be easy! But with a teacher who doesn't understand her, a tattletale classmate, and a scary dog who follows her on the walk home from school, Ramona has a hard time acting like the big girl everyone expects her to be. But when she shows up to school with a missing shoe, Ramona gets a fresh grip on her courage in order to make it through a mortifying situation. Suggested for grades 2-5.

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The Texas Bluebonnet Award winner is out early - a big congratulations to Laban Carrick Hill and Theodore Taylor for being selected as the best book in Texas this year!
About the Book:
On a hot day at the end of summer in 1973 Cindy Campbell threw a back-to-school party at a park in the South Bronx. Her brother, Clive Campbell, spun the records. He had a new way of playing the music to make the breaks—the musical interludes between verses—longer for dancing. He called himself DJ Kool Herc and this is When the Beat Was Born. From his childhood in Jamaica to his youth in the Bronx, Laban Carrick Hill's book tells how Kool Herc came to be a DJ, how kids in gangs stopped fighting in order to breakdance, and how the music he invented went on to define a culture and transform the world.
If you haven't read WHEN THE BEAT WAS BORN stop by and check it

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by Lauren Tarshis, Scholastic, 2011

The horror of Hurricane Katrina is brought vividly to life in this fictional account of a boy, a dog, and the storm of the century. Barry's family tries to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina hits their home in New Orleans. But when Barry's little sister gets terribly sick, they're forced to stay home and wait out the storm. At first, Katrina doesn't seem to be as bad as predicted. But overnight the levees break, and Barry's world is literally torn apart. He's swept away by the floodwaters, away from his family. Can he survive the storm of the century -- alone? Suggested for grades 3-5.

If you haven't read the "I Survived" books you're missing out. 
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I Don't Want To Be A Frog

by Dev Petty, illustrated by Mike Boldt

A tiny frog desperately wishes to be any other animal.After reading a book about a cat, the young frog stretches open his mouth as wide as it will go and decidedly declares, "I want to be a CAT." His father patiently explains, "You can't be a CAT....Because you're a FROG." But frogs are too wet and slimy. The little frog then decides to be a rabbit. After all, he can already hop. But father points out that he does not have long ears. The young amphibian is not deterred. There are many other options--a pig, perhaps? Or an owl? But his no-nonsense father explains away each one. Until a wolf, who enjoys eating many animals--except wet, slimy frogs--comes along and changes the young frog's perspective. Debut author Petty presents a droll take on this oft-explored wish of being different. But what shines the brightest is Boldt's expressive frog duo. Question-weary grown-ups will understand the father's heavy-lidded eyes, and nothing embodies a childlike curiosity (and/or crazy, determined declarations) more than the tiny frog's wide-open mouth. Colored speech bubbles distinguish the speakers' words and tumble over each other on the page. A lively look at self-acceptance. (Picture book. 3-6)

by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Josee Masse, Dial Books, 2013

Once upon a time, Mirror Mirror, a brilliant book of fairy tale themed reversos - a poetic form in which the poem is presented forward and then backward – became a smashing success. Now a second book is here with more witty double takes on well-loved fairy tales such as Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid.

Read these clever poems from top to bottom and they mean one thing. Then reverse the lines and read from bottom to top and they mean something else–it is almost like magic! Suggested for grades 2-6.

Find it @ 811 SIN

by Roland Smith, Scholastic, 2011

The first in a middle-grade action-adventure series from Roland Smith! Chase Masters and his father are "storm runners," racing across the country in pursuit of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Anywhere bad weather strikes, they are not far behind. Chase is learning more on the road than he ever would just sitting in a classroom. But when the hurricane of the century hits, he will be tested in ways he never could have imagined. Suggested for grades 3-7.

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by Coco Simon, Simon & Schuster, 2011

Katie's best friend Callie came back from camp boy-crazy and part of a whole new group of friends. When it's made clear that Callie is in the PGC (Popular Girls Club) and Katie is not invited to join, Katie suddenly feels incredibly alone. Katie realizes if she's going to survive middle school she needs to seriously regroup and find some new friends. But how? She bites into the cupcake her mother packed her for lunch and for a second closes her eyes. The sweet treat makes her happy-finally something goes right! Looking around her table, Katie notices the other students seeming a bit lost, as well. Which gives her an idea...With three new friends Katie forms a club as a way to spread the cupcake love and earn some cupcake cash. Suggested for grades 3-5.

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by Denise Dowling Mortensen, illustrated by CECE BELL, Clarion Books, 2013

Wee-o! Wee-o! Wee-o! Woo! Bug Mobile coming through! Bugs are a misbehaving bunch, so Captain Bob, insect cop, has a busy beat. The beetles are using their bug mobiles like bumper cars, the roaches are protesting for better housing (down with roach motels!), and the crickets are up late, partying. Can Captain Bob keep the peace and maintain law and order? This enthusiastic, goofy-sweet read-aloud is crawling with fun rhymes, lots of action, endearing bug-eyed characters, and a few lessons in manners, too! Suggested for grades K-2.



by Maryann Macdonald, Bloomsbury, 2013

When Odette's father becomes a Nazi prisoner-of-war and the Paris police begin arresting Jews, her mother sends Odette to hide in the Catholic French countryside where she must keep many secrets to survive.Suggested for grades 4-8.

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Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find . . . nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular 
after all. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story of looking for the extraordinary -- and finding it in a manner you'd never expect.

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Life on Mars
by Jennifer Brown, Walker Books, 2014

Twelve-year-old Arcturus Betelgeuse Chambers comes from a family of stargazers and his quest to find life on

other planets is unstoppable. But when Arty’s family announces they’re moving to Las Vegas, the City of

Lights threatens to put an end to his stargazing dreams forever—especially when he has to stay with his scary
next door neighbor while his parents look for a house. As it turns out, “Mr. Death” isn’t terrifying at all—he’s
actually Cash Maddox, a bonafide astronaut! But when Cash falls ill, will Arty find the courage to complete his
mission by himself? And might he actually prove, once and for all, that there is life on Mars?

Good Book of the Week


The Boy of a Thousand Faces

by Brian Selznick, Laura Geringer Books, c2000

Because Alonzo King was born on Halloween, he has always loved monsters. But no one would ever guess that he lives in a haunted house with a graveyard out back, communicates with the dead, turns into a six-armed, slime-covered creature, or is a walking encyclopedia on horror films! However, when The Beast arrives, not even Alonzo can track it down. Will he be able to solve the mystery of the creature stalking his town and make his dream of becoming The Boy of a Thousand Faces come true?


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