Meet the Team

Welcome to 3rd Grade at Scott Elementary!  We are so glad that you have stopped by our website.  We hope that you find this site helpful.  Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you have any questions. 

Teacher Contact Information:

Kellie Michie  | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 54012

Carol Davis | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 54001

Dani Glazer | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 64001

Kacey Pennington | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 54011

Jamie Smith | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 54000

Ashley Heimbach | Email Address: | Phone: 469-633-4005 ext. 64000

Our goal is for homework to be authentic, meaningful, and engaging.  Homework should be an extension of the learning that has taken place at school, rather than the introduction of new skills for students to attempt to learn on their own.  Since young students are still developing study habits like concentration and self-regulation, assigning a large quantity of homework isn't very beneficial.  Instead, we have chosen to keep homework focused on reading, spelling, and math facts in order to build students’ skills in these fundamental areas.


Reading – Research shows that students who do more reading at home are better readers and have higher math scores.  Students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes every night for homework.  This can include you reading to your child and your child reading to you. Students may read books from their blue book bags, the school library, or the public library.   You can support your child’s reading comprehension by using the attached questions to have conversations about their reading.

Spelling - Please practice spelling words with your child each week.  Work on generating new words with similar rime patterns (bat, mat, sat, flat, chat).  It is important that students are able to use words they know to help them spell new words.  You can also work on editing sentences.  We are currently focusing on starting with a capital letter and ending with correct punctuation.

Math – In third grade, it is our goal for students to master their multiplication facts through 10 x 10. You can practice memorizing these fact using flash cards or websites such as Xtra Math. We update the websites on the Math Kid's Zone daily to reflect skills being taught in class. This is a great place to go for additional practice!

Think Through Math (3rd-5th grade) – Students can utilize this online learning program to practice their math skills. Think Through Math provides one-to-one differentiation and instructional support for students.


Writing – Ask your child to write in a journal about his or her day or something special that happened recently.  You can also let your child write letters to a relative or friend.  Writing helps students think creatively, explore possibilities, delve into problem solving, engage in storytelling, and improve communication skills.

Science – Students can access STEMscopes to continue learning about Science concepts we have been studying at school.