Senior Yearbook Portraits

In order to appear in the yearbook in the portrait section, all seniors are required to take a tux and drape shot by September 26th!  Shots must be in dress code (no facial piercings, natural hair color, etc..).  For tux and drape portraits, girls may also want to consider swimsuit tan lines as shoulders are exposed in drape shot.  An alternative drape is also available for those who may not expose their shoulders for religious or cultural reasons. Call (972) 414-6884 to get your appointment scheduled today!

We sent a letter home to parents and students, or you can view it HERE.

These portraits will ONLY be used for the yearbook, and another portrait should have been taken the week of September 9-10 through English classes for your student ID. If you missed getting this portrait taken for your ID, we will have picture make-ups during all four lunches on October 14th.

Students new to Heritage can stop by during your lunch or before school in room A124 to inquire about how to obtain an ID.  We will take your picture so be ready when you stop by.

Southern Images is the the official portrait photographer of Heritage High School  |  (972) 414-6884
May 19, 2015, 12:52 PM