QR Codes

Those silly little "boxes" are popping up everywhere - food boxes, ads, business cards, etc.  QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are simply a quick way to open a website, text, calendar events, or contact information. 
QR Codes have a lot of fun, easy applications that you can use in a classroom. 
        Quick way for students to open a website without having to type a LONG URL
        A way to get the kids out of their seats and moving around the room
        Review answers revealed
        A way to get a teacher's contact information
        A way to add events to a students device with pop up reminders

In order to read a QR code, you need a device with a QR Reader App.  Two of our favorites are I-nigma and Red Laser but any will work. 

Scavenger Hunt (Can be adapted for any subject)
To make:
Create a document with one problem per page.
To create the QR Codes - go to http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ and choose to create a “text” code.
Once you generate the code, RIGHT click and choose to either Save it as a jpg or copy and paste it onto your document.

Combining QR Codes with Google Forms
Create a Google Form with questions about a topic.  Create a QR Code that when scanned takes the students directly to the Google Form.  Example of a Google Form Quiz:  
Science Sample

Story Starters

Students receive a QR Code that takes them to an image.  (It can be an image from any subject or topic) and they have to write a story based on the image or identify the image.  This would be great to use when studying famous people, places, or tone/mood.
Example:  Directions & Codes for 30 random images which can be printed, cut apart, and scattered on tables/desks.


Since QR Codes can show text or URLs, place QRs on objects around your room.

  • A Skeleton with a QR Code taped to various bones.  The QR opens a video that describes the purpose of that bone.
  • A rocket with QR Codes taped to various parts.  The QR is a text that labels the part.
  • A map of the USA with QRs that lead to websites about that area.
  • For ESL Students. QR codes taped to objects around the room with the name of the object in a different language to practice vocabulary.

QR Code Resources: 
Elementary Projects: