Technology as a Study Tool

Technology has opened the door to a wealth of resources that introduce, review, reinforce, and extend student learning. If you have spent any time at all on the web, you know that there are thousands of educational websites available. But, which sites are best? Where do you begin?

That's where the we - the fifteen Elementary Technology Integration Facilitators in Frisco ISD - come into play.  Our primary job duties are to assist teachers as they integrate technology into their core curriculum and to provide staff development on emerging technologies.  

Technology is infused into our daily lives more and more each day; thus, it is essential that we utilize these technologies to enhance student learning.  On the following site, you will find a variety of study tools, games, videos, and resources that will introduce, review, and extend the learning of the Pre-k through 5th grade child in your home.  
Enjoy and happy learning!
Frisco ISD Elementary Technology Integration Facilitators