Third Grade

Monster Match (Free) - Frisco ISD 

This videoconference is designed to allow the 3rd grade students to practice their descriptive writing skills.  The first step is to have each student draw a monster and write a descriptive paper to detail his/her creation. Secondly, he/she will receive a descriptive paper from another student at another campus and draw a picture based on the writing.  During the videoconference, the students will match the writing with the picture to see if it was a 'monster match.' 

Our Solar Neighborhood (Free) - NASA 

During this videoconference, the students will exchange information about the planets in our solar system and discuss how they orbit around the sun. They will compare and contrast the various properties of the planets and learn about the interplanetary relationships as well as the relationship with the sun.  In addition, the students will learn about current NASA missions and how information is gathered to further NASA's exploration of space

Geography: Coast to Coast ($100) - National Baseball Hall of Fame 

The presentation will allow for examination of historical photos, maps, diagrams and primary source documents.  The students will learn how population shifts and the economic variables and geographic factors that can determine the location of a major league baseball team.  In addition, the effects of westward migration, new modes of transportation and the Industrial Revolution will be explored as a way to analyze their impact on where baseball stadiums are constructed.