First Grade

An Ocean Adventure (FREE) - Frisco ISD 

Are your students excited to learn more about dolphins, whales, and sharks?  Do they know the length of a shark and how much a shark weighs?  Join us as we explore the ocean with fun experiments, games, and facts about these under the sea animals.

Sea Me Read ($75) Smiley Shark - Seatrek 

Ruth Galloway's Smiley Shark comes alive in this videoconference.  In addition to the reading of the story, the students learn about shark diversity, the characteristics of sharks, and why sharks are threatened and what they can do to help conserve them.

Sea Me Read ($75) Clumsy Crab - Seatrek

Clumsy Crab written by Ruth Galloway is explored during this videoconference.  While the students practice comprehension skills, they will learn about crab diversity and the characteristics of invertebrates.

Snack Attack ($75) Seatrek

Students can view a narrated shark feeding originating from the 135,000-gallon shark tank at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium . They will learn all about the animals and how the aquarists care for them. The students will be able to ask the experts questions about the critters as they watch them eat a little snack!

Marine Animal Adaptations ($160) Alaska Sealife Center

During this videoconference, the students will learn about the characteristics of mammals and explore the adaptations needed to survive the chilly North Pacific waters.

Creatures with Wings and Crawly Things ($125) Royal Botanical Gardens

Through live specimens, song and poetry, the students will learn about the characteristics and needs of insects and their connection to plants.

Magnificent Manatee's ($150) Columbus Zoo

Students will go on an adventure as the world of manatees is visited. Students will explore various hands on activities during the video conference as well as see live footage of the manatee.