Additional Digital Citizenship Resources

These resources may be used by classroom teachers or others (PLC/PLN groups) to extend the student's understanding of digital citizenship and to encourage them to always be good digital citizens.

Kinder-2nd Grade Games

The Berenstain Bears' Computer Trouble by Jan Berenstain

Bully by Patricia Polacco

But I Read It On the Internet by Tony Buzzeo
  - teaches how to evaluate websites and find the correct answer

But It's Just a Game by Julia Cook
  - don't get absorbed in video games; switch out your game      
     controller for a "life controller"

Cell Phoney by Julia Cook

Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis 
  - great story for teaching children to be safe online
  - it's important to power down at the end of the day

hello! hello! by Matthew Cordell

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding by Linda Liukas

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone: A Cautionary Tail by Ann Droyd
  - our tech obsessed lives may cause us to miss the real fun

The Internet Sleuths by A. M. Marcus

Little Red in CyberSpace by Meghan Price
  - designed to teach young children about Internet safety; Little Red just wants 
     to surf the Net but the Big Bad Wolf is always lurking.

Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Judy Flincher

Once Upon a Time...Online: Happily Ever After is Only a Click Away by David Bedford
  - lesson in online safety

Peter And Pablo The Printer: Adventures In Making The Future by Jeffery Ito

The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story by Julia Cook
  - reinforces kindness and respect in a high-tech world and reminds
     students that what they post online follows them for a lifetime

The Techno Smart – Activity & Idea Book by Julia Cook

What Does it Mean to be Safe? by Rana DiOrio

When Charlie McButton Lost Power by Suzanne Collins
  - a timeline tale for young computer addicts