Little Red Riding Hood has become an author.  Her new book How I Beat the Wolf has hit the top of the bestseller list and is being made into a movie.  She is so successful that she decides to move out of her mother’s house in the woods and get a place of her own in the city.  

Due to her celebrity status she has had a couple of break-ins and she decides to beef up her security.  After hiring a bodyguard, she installs a 4-lock safe where she can keep the original manuscripts to her books and her top secret, world famous cookie recipe that she got from her grandmother.  

Red is a little absent minded and is always forgetting the codes to opening the locks so she decides to hide some clues for herself around her apartment to help remind her of the codes.  Since she is an author, her clues are based on what she knows the most about - books and stories.  

Red is locked out of her safe again.  Can you help her open the locks?  Everything you need is on this website.  Good luck.