Ms. Horie

Hi, I am Ms. Horie, I have been a Kindergarten teacher at Carroll Elementary going on 11th years. I have taught in Frisco for 16 years. I grew up in Richardson and graduated from Texas Tech University. Throughout my years of teaching, I have taught young children, and I enjoy seeing their little faces light up when they learn new things. I look forward to another year of enthusiastic young learners!

Birthday: April 12


Ms. Horie’s Favorite Things:

Hobbies: antiquing, reading magazines ( home style type magazines ), walking, playing with my cats and dogs.

Music: I like all kinds of music!

Magazines: Home style and women's magazines.

Collections: Bath and Body Works candles

Places to shop: Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Pottery Barn, Pet Smart, Kohls, Marshalls, Amazon, Bath and Body Works, I am happy with anything really!!!! :)

Colors: Pink

Scents: Vanilla and Cinnamon

Restaurants: Mexican

Fast Food: Braums, Taco Bell, Canes,.

Drink: Pepsi, The Brand "Ice" bubbly flavored water.

Dessert: cheesecake, cookies and cream ice cream

Junk food/candy/snack: Hershey's Kisses, Reeses peanut butter cup

Class Wish List Items: Sandwich sized ziplock bags, gallon sized ziplock bags, quart sized ziplock bags, Hand wipes and Hand Sanitizer and Lysol, expo markers, index cards 3x5, paper towels, sticky notes