Management Tips

BYOD Classroom Management

The BYOD Traffic Light

The traffic light is posted in the front of the room (near the agenda).
If it’s set to Red – there is absolutely no devices allowed that day (usually test days) – keep them in your pocket.
If it’s on Yellow – they can bring their devices and if the need arises, they can ask permission to use them (just so that the teacher knows what they are doing on them) or the teacher may ask them to look something up, etc.
If it’s set to Green, then if you got a device – get it out because we will definitely be using them.

Have a sign in/out system in place for students who need to borrow school devices.  Click here to see an example of a sign in/out sheet.

At the beginning of each class that you are using BYOD, have the students get out their devices and turn them face down on their desk.  This will give you a bird's eye view of the devices and it will curb some of the "texting in their pockets".

Adding apps:  If you would like the students to have a particular app on their device, please make sure you give them plenty of notice so they can download it at home (and get their parents permission) and make sure you only ask them to download FREE apps.  If you need to use an app that costs, please check with your campus tech facilitator about purchasing it for the campus.