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Leader October 2 2008
On 17 December 2018 - Council unanimously supported a Mayoral minute to  keep the former Oatley Bowling club site for community use :
1) not proceed with the Planning Proposal to re-zone and reclassify the former Oatley Bowling Club site for seniors housing
2) that Council commence the preparation of a new Masterplan and a Plan of Management
3) That the GM immediately take all necessary steps to commence the de-contamination of the site (removal of asbestos) to enable its remediation for the purpose of facilitating public access and recreation
4) That the GM be authorised to seek grant funding and submit applications in support of the decontamination of the site and/or its future use for the purposes of open space and recreation

Planing Proposal out for comment

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On 7 November 2016 Council resolved that the Planning Proposal to reclassify the site from ‘community’ land to ‘operational’ and to rezone the site to SP2 Infrastructure with the designated land use of seniors housing (nursing home) be put on public exhibition.

At a Council Meeting on 7 November 2016, it was resolved that:

(a)    That Council not proceed with the 2014 resolution of the former Hurstville City Council to rezone the site to residential to facilitate a 7-9 storey, mixed use residential and seniors housing development.
(b)    That it be noted that if the Planning Proposal proceeds to Gateway determination, any plan making (re-zoning and reclassification) is unlikely to occur before December 2017, and would require the prior approval of the Council elected in September 2017.
(c)    That the Planning Proposal to reclassify the site from ‘community’ land to ‘operational’ and to rezone the site to SP2 Infrastructure with the designated land use of seniors housing (nursing home) and community facilities be amended to apply only to that part of the site which would accommodate the seniors housing (aged care component) and ancillary support requirements, i.e. approximately 50% of the site. 
(d)    That extensive public consultation commence immediately and a report be submitted to Council in March 2017 detailing the outcomes of the public consultation (including any proposed amendments to the Planning Proposal arising from such consultation) prior to any Gateway submission to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.
(e)    That an independent peer review of the community consultation results ((d) above) be undertaken.
(f)    That the Planning Proposal be assessed by an independent expert who will make recommendations to the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel for endorsement or otherwise prior to any Gateway determination.
(g)    That if the Planning Proposal proceeds, i.e. after independent assessment, approval by IHAP and Department of Planning and Environment, the reclassification Public Hearing be undertaken by a former Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court or a person with equivalent standing and experience, and that a post Gateway exhibition report be prepared by an independent consultant for consideration by the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel and the newly elected Council panel prior to forwarding to the Department of Planning. 

Council is hosting community information sessions this month to provide more information on the future of the site.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
Mortdale Community Centre, 2B Boundary Road, Mortdale
Session 1: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Transport: The venue is between Mortdale and Oatley Train stations. Parking is available on Boundary Road and within the Community Centre car park.

Saturday, 26 November 2016
Oatley Community Hall, 61 Oatley Ave, Oatley
Session 2: 10.00am - 12.00pm
Session 3: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Transport: The venue is within walking distance from Oatley Train Station, and bus stops. On-street parking is also available.

Click here to view proposal on Council website

Addresses made to Council on 7 November opposing Planning Proposal exhibition were mainly of the opinion:

(see below for pdf copies)

  • That an planning proposal was being made in haste with information on the site and proposed development lacking
  • That it would be prudent to have an elected council make the decisions for the site


Diggers are in Park

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Today Douglas Partners are doing a soil survey of 22 locations at the former Oatley Bowling Club site in Myles Dunphy Reserve. It's for the environmental report on a controversial proposed development for seniors housing units. Asbestos contamination of fill is already known to be present along the southwestern margin of the site.

Club Site remains in Myles Dunphy Reserve

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The OBC site is STILL in Myles Dunphy Reserve, given the following statements in the IHAP report [emphasis added]: 


  1. To the south and west of the site is the Myles Dunphy Bushland Reserve consisting of dense native vegetation forming part of an ecological corridor extending towards the Georges River.
  1. Currently Lots 3-7, Section 4, DP 7124 do not have access to a dedicated public road. This is the case for most of the lots that comprise the Myles Dunphy Reserve. The boundary adjustment does not change this situation. The lots will remain in one ownership and still form part of the public reserve and community land.
  1. Part of the site falls within the natural area of the Myles Dunphy Reserve.
  1. The former Oatley Bowling Club was not classified as a natural area and does not form part of the reserve to be actively managed and maintained in accordance with the POM 

The proposed boundary adjustment will establish a legal boundary containing the site of the former Oatley Bowling Club and separate [divide, not separate from] the reserve consistent with the land use categories of the POM.


  1. The former Oatley Bowling Club land is not located within the natural reserve identified within the Myles Dunphy POM. The site of the former Oatley Bowling Club is not classed as a natural area for the purposes of the POM 

The portion of the lots subject to boundary adjustment that currently form part of the natural reserve will remain part of the Reserve and maintained in accordance with the POM. 

IHAP approve consolidation of land in Myles Dunphy Reserve

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Many residents are disappointed that the Independent Hearing Assessment Panel voted unanimously to approve the D/A to consolidate parcels of land within Myles Dunphy Reserve.

Click here to see approval Document 

7 residents spoke to the panel against the proposal.
Submissions can be read below.

A Park Land for All

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An alternative use of the former Oatley Bowling Club site
A community backyard for all generations. See Bowling Club Site - Options for Community Uses

Myles Dunphy Reserve Community Survey

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David Coleman Federal Member for Banks has put out a community survey. Make sure you fill out the survey.
Federal support could provide the community with funds to use the area for community use.
See Latest Community Plan for the site

Independent Hearing Assessment Panel

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The site of the former bowling club remains a part of Myles Dunphy Reserve. Excluding it for the purposes of the Plan of Management did not legally remove it from being part of the reserve and remains zoned RE1 – Public Recreation. The land is owned by Council and currently classified as “Community” land under the Local Government Act 1993.

The report to Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel confirms this by stating (in point 27) "The proposed boundary adjustment will establish a legal boundary containing the site of the former Oatley Bowling Club and separate the reserve consistent with the land use categories of the POM."

The IHAP will be held on Thursday 8 September 2016 commencing at 4pm. The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers at the Hurstville Civic Centre, at MacMahon & Dora Street Hurstville.

There will be a site inspection of the proposed development site by IHAP members on Thursday 8 September 2016 between 1pm – 3.30pm. Site inspections are arranged for Panel members to acquaint themselves with the site and relevant issues. Conversations will not be entered into except in clarification through and at the discretion of the Chairperson.

The assessment report prepared on the application for the Georges River IHAP may be viewed on Council’s website.…/Item-3-IHAP-Report-35-…

Pop up Picinic Photos

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Pop up Picnic was a success with many community members taking the opportunity to visit the reserve.

Chris Rehberg has shared his photos from the day. CLICK HERE TO SEE


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Stop the subdivision of Myles Dunphy Reserve, Oatley

by Georges River Council

Georges River Council plans to subdivide and consolidate land within Myles Dunphy Reserve (old bowling club site) with a view to develop it for seniors housing.

A NINE (9) STOREY APARTMENT BLOCK has been proposed! The site is currently zoned Public Recreation which prohibits residential development. It's also in the Foreshore Scenic Protection area where high-rise should not be allowed. Part of the site is within bush fire prone land, so having seniors and the disabled living there makes no sense. There is only one narrow road into the site which makes access difficult for pedestrians and vehicles.

The public has already indicated that the site be kept for community use, and not be sold off for profit. Myles Dunphy was the 'Father of Conservation' in NSW, so how dare Georges River Council even contemplate building on the parkland which bears his name?

This is the most significant project being handled by Georges River Council, so why hasn't it been publicly advertised?

We the undersigned hereby urge Ms G. Connolly, General Manager of Georges River Council to immediately withdraw DA2016/0159 relating to 35 River Rd, Oatley NSW on the grounds stated above.

CLICK HERE TO PRINT OUT PETITION     Print out and collect signatures. Please pass this on to Melina or other Friends of Oatley folk to counted and handed together.

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